26 08 2007


I’m officially moving to another blog again.

N by the way, I plan to use my blog name as my name too which is provenCe!

So do keep secret about my real name =)

Drop By that site if you have time!

The reason why I leave this blog was just because..

There were a few things that I dont really like about it..

But those few things should be remain in my womb!

Tremendously Great!

24 08 2007

Everyday seems so fun!

No doubt, there’s still 1% of things that frustrate’s me, angry’s me, sad’s me!

But the other 99% is all happy moments!

So everything is worth it!

Will blog what i did for this month when I’m really free from chat, game and what-ever!

17 08 2007

Ivy sets of for her slumber night!

Including with a breakfast dimsum tommorrow morning!

Adios, amigo~~~

Blogging At Work

17 08 2007

Today aint much things that need to be done.

So i’ve been surfing the world wide world most of the time.

Feeling kind of guilty now, it’s as if i’m being paid to surf net and not do work.

Yadda yadda, now i’m sumore blogging the shit out of me!

Double guilty!

Ivy shall be prosecuted!

16 08 2007

Sometimes Life Just Ain’t About You

Awake for More Than 24 Hours

16 08 2007

My eyes ain’t shut for more than 24 hours..

Now I totally felt like a death walking corpse

 All thanks to the michievious me, who likes having fun but forget to REST!!!!

 But aint no regret over anything..because overall I’ve had so much fun that even words can’t describe it :D

 No doubt, I was the person driving..which was kind of tiring cz a few of the friends aren’t familiar with KL roads.. So i’ve gotta slow down from my usual 100km/h to 60 km/h. It’s kind of torturing too… 

But you know, I’m angelic… So i still take the effort to drive at the TORTOISE speed!

 Ruums was kind of pack when i reach there. But a frequent visitor of Ruums which what a Crab told it was consider not that PACK & CROWDED!! Normally it will b so fucking pack that we would be squeezing each other like Big Mac (o.O)

We club from 12am till 3am!

A freaking 3 hours… which was obviously much more longer than my first experience there. I think I re-call back during my first time there.. I was onli at Ruums for 1 hour, I assume. Cz the first time I went it was on Sunday night, so couldn’t stay too long!!

 WTF, I went yday lagi teruk. No doubt, it was ladies night so doesn’t need to pay entrance fee, but we still order alcoholic drinkz…which was consider aint that hefty, per head RM54.  But the geng part is I was playing around till uncle & aunt goes morning walk. wtf, totally exhausted now!

First trip, clubbing = FOC, second trip, Rm54. No doubt, I’ve gotta admit clubbing do need $$. muahahahaha…which cost me a hole in my person! Guess Ivy’s gotta makan roti putih from today onwards, till end of the month already.

After the clubbing, we adjourn to mamak-ing session.

That was when it stretch till wee morning.

From 4am, we just talk cock and crap till 7am

Now I’m still wandering what the heck did we talk, it was just 4 person onli…which was Ivy The Provence, Zhao Yung The Rainy, Spelven the So-Called Innocent Boy & Kaikit The KitKat, we could talk so bloody long! Or oso so-called, I asked bloody loads of questions!

Can’t blame me loh.. I very ‘cheung hei’ wan.. So I like to ask tonnes of questions that I dunno and curious wanna know ah :D

Guess tonight I’ll need to sleep early already.

If not, this coming Friday slumber night no energy to stay awake till early morning

Vroom, Ruum.. Crazy!

16 08 2007

Yup, everything went on smoothly last night…

 After work, got back home, change to my clubbing attire, which was just merely a shorts + Jacket + singlet.

Arrive at Zhao Yung’s place at 9 something.

Actually at first, I was kind of reluctant to go.. But as usual, a big part of my curiousity ask me to GO!!

At first, I thought I heard them mention about going to Maison which what-ever heck I got no idea where was it..

But once I’ve reach Zhao Yung’s place, only she told me it was Ruums.

My first reaction, aiks! the same one again :( cz my first time clubbing experience was also at Ruums, So it didnt felt any special.. But I still tag along

Will Continue Typing What Happen Later :)

Stay tune, folks



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